Don Milligan

General IT Contractor


2018 - Present

General IT Contractor

I provide project management, system admin, network admin,  end-to-end website & web app development, website hosting & maintenance, and graphic & printing design services.

2015 - 2019

This is a personal web ministry project I dumped my heart and soul into, especially while battling a rare illness. As it turned out, I made a full recovery, and I believe God had everything to do with that.

Between 2016 and early 2018, I built an open source web app and three versions of the website from scratch. I have also been responsible for all content between then and now.


Dyrand Systems

Dyrand is a fully managed IT services provider. I was a System and Network Administrator for the company, and was chosen to be their onsite representative in downtown Vancouver BC. While in the office, I maintained a higher than average issue resolve rate. 
Unfortunately the only reason I left this job is because I needed to take time off for medical purposes. 


Inetco Systems

Inetco is a transaction monitoring software company serving banking industries across the globe. I was a Network Engineer with Inetco, and only left to work closer to home because wasn’t feeling well. I received a letter of recommendation

I left this job because I needed to work closer to home.

2013 - 2014

Binary IO Solutions

I was a General IT Contractor with Binary IO Solutions, a small IT development and maintenance company. Although challenging, I managed to succeed as a network admin, system admin, Linux developer, Web developer, and hardware installer. 

2011 - 2012

Snuneymuxw First Nation

I was on the project board as a web developer for the Vancouver Island Treaties Conference. I developed the conference website and took part in all project management meetings held at VIU. 

2010 - 2013


I provided website hosting, front and back end website development, CMS development, and Android development services.


2010 - 2012

Vancouver Island University

I graduated with a diploma in Information Technology and Applied Systems (ITAS) with a 3.67 GPA. 

Areas of study were diverse. Essentially ITAS trains you to be a Network and System Administrator, Mobile Developer, and Web Designer Developer (~10% Designer, 90% Developer). This is all done practically rather than just academically, and due to the rigorous coursework, only about 20% of ITAS students manage to graduate year 2. 

1996 - 1999

Various College Courses

I was in college at 16 years old, however I wasn’t ready to make a career decision yet.


Linux Administration (Debian / Ubuntu) 89%
Windows Administration 71%
Network Administration 91%
Graphic Design 50%
Html & CSS 100%
PHP 80%
MySQL 99%
JavaScript / jQuery 81%
WordPress 91%

About Me

My IQ is 127, I like to help people, and don’t mind working hard. I volunteer to help the homeless, but also find joy in creating things people find useful. 
I spend a lot of time educating myself, reading documentation, listening to experts, and generally insuring I can achieve a job well done.


  • (778) 710 0725

John Dewsburry

Salvation Army
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Alvin Chong

Belkin House
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Seventh Day Adventist Church
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