About me

Some of my history and skills


I’m a freelance Network System Engineer & Developer with a primary focus on management & deployment of Network, Cloud, and Web infrastructures.

As a former honor roll graduate from ITAS at VIU (2012), and with recommendations from previous employers and contract positions, I have a proven record of keeping projects on time and under budget. 

Your project done right, it matters to me too. 


Technical Skills

A summary explanation of my experience

Time Spent since 2010
Network Administration

Cloud Computing / Virtualization:
Enterprise: Amazon Web Services, VMware (Hypervisor, vSphere, ESXi)
Local Virtualization: VMware, VirtualBox


Network Infrastructure: 
Firewall: WatchGuard, ZoneMinder, Endian, Ubiquiti, 
Mesh WiFi: Ubiquiti Unifi
Network Monitoring: Wireshark, PRTG, Pandora FMS
Domains: ActiveDirectory, LDAP


I have three years of hands on experience servicing enterprise IT infrastructure onsite and offsite in North America and around the world. 


Since 2011, I have been using Linux daily. and I have built and configured many production servers. I primarily have experience with Ubuntu, Debian, Amazon Linux, and FreeBSD.  

In 2013/2014 one of my roles was on a team of developers for USB information security product. I was tasked with solely building the security rules (system hardening), and some UEFI features that were only theoretical at the time. 

Website Design and Development

Front end: started HTML and CSS in 2002
Back end: PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript/jQuery 2010
Other: I’ve worked with JSON, AJAX, XML, Java, and Python

CMS: WordPress and OctoberCMS
JS Libraries: D3.js, Vue.js, React.js
Frameworks: Bootstrap 3 & 4, Laravel, Zend


ITAS provided MCSA and MCSE training, and I have worked as a professional administrator on Windows Server 2008 – 2016.

LDAP, Active Directory, IIS, SharePoint, and Exchange. Also, Windows 7, 8, and 10.


1. Relocation of an entire PBX system
2. Configuration of various phone brands
3. Setup and administration of Asterisk servers.  

Graphic Design

1. Logo Design
2. Business Cards
3. Photo Manipulation 

Inkscape, Gimp, and Krita